Hello, my name is Leanne and I am relatively new to the Hospice of the Valleys.  Some of you will see me out and about on home visits with the CARIAD team and in the activities and carers groups they run.

I work with the CARIAD Team, and I am a facilitator for a programme called Improving Adult Care Together (IMPACT), a UK Adult Social Care Centre.  IMPACT aims to find ways of supporting people using social care, unpaid carers, and staff to get the most out of social care through up-to-date research and evidence.  IMPACT also wants to make sure that it uses real people’s thoughts, experiences, and needs to influence how social care is delivered.  You can read more about IMPACT HERE.

My job: I am working with the CARIAD Team to support carers of people living with dementia who are nearing the end of life.  My main aim is to support the CARIAD Team to find the best ways to support carers when they are making important decisions about their loved ones and their care.  So everyday I ask myself, my colleagues, and carers what helps carers to make the right decisions for their loved ones?  The information and learning I gain from asking this question will help CARIAD and the Hospice to support carers.

I will be supporting CARIAD to use a Decision Aid.  It will be used to assist carers when making important decisions, and will also help us to better understand carers needs and challenges.

I am looking forward to getting know you during my time here. Feel free to contact the Hospice with any questions.