There’s been a lot going on behind the scenes!!!

As some of you will know we used to run quite a few groups at Hospice of the Valleys, which the pandemic put an end to. Instead of starting the same groups again we took the opportunity to consider what would be the best service we could deliver for you. We have visited other Hospices and also looked at what the evidence says for people with life limiting conditions, and we have come up with a plan……

We want you and your carers to be able to tell us what is the most important thing to you, we don’t want to assume we know.

We want to help you work out how you can live your life as best you can, while you navigate the news of having a condition that might limit the length of your life.

We want you to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to look after yourselves and not always have to rely on someone else.

Living Well is an indivdualised service where we will invite you for an assessment and to find out about what we can offer you. We will discuss your needs and goals with the team and offer you a ‘package’ of services that we believe will help you achieve your goals.

Once you have accessed the services we will review your goals, you will then be discharged, or if your circumstances have changed, we will consider the best course of action.

We have managed to get a whole team of professionals together and may be able to offer you physiotherapy, social work, nursing, welfare rights advice, complementary therapy, music therapy and art therapy. There will be one to one appointments and groups available as part of this service.

We can’t wait to try this new improved service with you and look forward to your feedback! We will keep you updated on this service through social media.

All the best,

Alice – Living Well Lead