Working Together



HAAP Project


Hospice of the Valleys is working in partnership with ABUHB to prevent patients going into hospital by using the HAAP project, (Hospital Admission Avoidance Project).  The project involves keeping patients home by providing extra support for the patient and their families.  This support is provided by a Healthcare Support Worker who will provide the support needed during the day or night for a short period of time in order for the situation to resolve or long term support to be arranged.

We are thrilled to welcome Michelle Thomas and Bethany Pugh to the HAAP team.  Michelle joins us from ward 4/4 at Neville Hall Hospital and Bethany joins us from Q Care.  The feedback from patients and families is very positive.

We are so grateful for the service that you provided to our family – we only wished that the service was available last year when Marjorie came home from hospital. At that time she was given the option of either going into a care home which was against her wishes or pay £200 a night for a night sitter. This service is invaluable for families that need short term care for the patient to settle in the home and for the family to have some rest.”


“Thank you for helping us to keep mam and dad at home! Very grateful!”

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