Any life limiting condition can seem frightening for patients and those closest to them. It is important to know that your Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) is there to support you and those important to you.

All of our nurses have expert knowledge and skills in managing your symptoms; also recognising that emotional, spiritual, family and financial worries might be just as important to you as the physical problems.

We aim to:

• Support you while you are facing serious illness

• Provide advice about pain and other physical symptoms

• Offer practical suggestions to help you do things that are important to you

• Offer support to those close to you

• Inform you about other services that might be helpful to you, such as additional support at home, groups and complementary therapies.

• Help you to plan for the future

With permission, your CNS will discuss your care with your GP and district nurses who will still be responsible for your medical and nursing care at home.

All of our hospice team can work as part of the inpatient palliative care service at Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan (YAB). This service allows our patients to go into hospital locally for control of their symptoms and end of life care if they wish.

The CNS team provide 24 hour support, 7 days a week. After 10pm this support is telephone advice only. Contact details for the CNS Team are in the front of your patient pack.

The table below shows the professionals who may be involved in your care and the things they can support with

GP District Nurse Velindre (Chemo Pager) HOV
Advice on Medication Y Y
Change of Medication Y
Post Chemotherapy Treatment Advice Y Y Y Y
Syringe Driver Y Y Y
New Or Uncontrolled Pain Y Y Y
Breathlessness Y Y Y
Constipation Y Y
Nausea and Vomiting Y Y Y
Dressings and wounds Y
Blocked Catheter Y
Oxygen Y Y
Equipment Y

Phil was shell shocked when diagnosed with Prostate Cancer three years ago, age 44. Not knowing where else to turn, Phil self-referred to the hospice, already aware of the service as his father- in- law had received support.  “When I was diagnosed I was unsure where to turn. The hospice helped me understand my diagnosis and then explained the services they could provide to support me and my family” Shortly after Phil’s referral his specialist nurse saw he was suffering from a number of stress induced problems and suggested complementary therapy. “I was sceptical to begin with, but I could soon feel the benefits. My stress levels decreased and my sleep dramatically improved”. Phil received reflexology, massage and aromatherapy he also received these treatments when staying at Ysbyty Aneurin Bevan hospital.   The treatments improved Phil’s physical and psychological symptoms, allowing him to open up, discussing his fears and anxieties in a safe and relaxed environment. “It was my oasis in life, it was me time and I didn’t get that anywhere else. I would highly recommend having complementary therapies to anyone who is unsure. They have helped me no end and I haven’t looked back since” Phil explained.  During Phil’s journey he accessed a variety of the hospice’s services including family support, nursing and therapies. The clinical team worked together providing the support Phil needed.   Phil was discharged from the hospice as his symptoms were controlled and stable. Although Phil was anxious about discharge, he worked with the team and knows that should anything change, the hospice is only ever a phone call away.