Hospice at Home

Our Hospice at Home service exists to provide care for you in your own home. The service will be in addition to the care provided by home carers, District Nurses and our Hospice of the Valleys nurses. As with all Hospice of the Valleys services there is no charge for Hospice at Home.

We aim to provide care when it is most appropriate, either day or night-time. The service will be allocated to the patients with the greatest need. All care provided will be with your consent, and we will develop your care plans together with you.

The service is for:

  • Patients nearing the end of life
  • Carers in crisis
  • Patients with uncontrolled symptoms
  • Rapid discharge from hospital

As stated in our Statement of Purpose, our Hospice at Home service exists for:

  • The provision of night care, day respite care, patient comfort and family support for patients
  • The provision of limited personal care to maintain patient comfort and dignity. This care is led by the needs of the patient and is separate to any regular services provided by home carers.

This care includes:

  • catheter care.
  • assistance with oral medication.
  • assistance with administration of oxygen.
  • assist with nebulisers.
  • assist with personal hygiene needs.
  • assist with simple wound dressings


“Thank you for the superb service that is the Hospice of the Valleys team. From the girls in the office to the nurses and carers. Without you I don’t know how I would have coped. You made my Mum feel safe and cared for at night whilst I caught up on sleep and my sanity. Of all the support Mum received, Hospice of the Valleys was the most effective for us both! Thank you will never be enough.”

Julia – Patients daughter




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