The Family Support Team have specialist practitioners who are experienced in bereavement support.

We realise that the weeks and months after the loss of someone close can be very sad, confusing and difficult.  You may feel overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings, as well as
the practical day to day demands.  If you are trying to retain some control in a stressful situation you can feel very vulnerable.

Our team aim to support you in managing these competing pressures.

The Family Support Team can offer:

  • Support for adults and for children and young people within the family
  • Small groups, providing the opportunity for you to share feelings and experiences with others who are bereaved
  • Telephone support
  • Written information about the experience of bereavement
  • Advice and guidance about sources of help for support with financial worries and paperwork that can follow bereavement


What to do when someone dies leaflet

Bereavement Leaflet

For further information please contact our Family Support Team on 01495 717277


What about Children?

No child is too young to notice when an important person in their life is no longer there.  Young children can be profoundly affected and not know how to express their feelings.  Frequently, adults, knowing how painful bereavement can be, attempt to protect children by telling them little or nothing about what has happened.  Children will sense something is wrong from the behaviour of those around them.

Children need clear, simple explanations and the reassurance that the death of one person does not mean that others will die.  they need to know that they are still loved and will be taken care of, and they require as much security and routine in their lives as possible.

They need to know that crying is OK for adults and children but sadness does not last forever and it is OK to have fun too.

Our Family Support Team can provide support in this area.  Please call 01495 717277 for further information.

We also provide a bereavement awareness programme to schools, businesses and organisations within Blaenau Gwent to educate and train staff.

















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