Spiritual Support

Our ethos of caring for the “whole person” recognises that spiritual and religious care is as important as caring for physical and emotional needs.

Our team supports patients, carers and relatives when exploring how they might understand, make sense of or find meaning in what is happening to them. This can enable people to identify sources of strength and support.

Our Chaplain works with the Hospice on a voluntary basis to support patients, families and carers – of any faith or none.  There may be questions about basic beliefs or the meaning of life, although issues do not necessarily have to be “religious”.  It can be helpful to talk to someone about what is happening, relationships with others, or just to have a chat or share a joke with someone.

Sometimes patients, families or carers would like to talk to someone but are unsure of who to ask – often in these situations the team, including the Chaplain, can act as a “first contact” or link, helping to identify and establish appropriate support.

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