The Hospice of the Valleys provide an out-patient service which allows patients to be reviewed within the Hospice facilities with an appointment based system.  Patients can self-refer themselves or referrals can be made by family, friends, carers, GP’s or other health care professionals. The nurse–led outpatient clinic allows patients to have regular contact with the multi-disciplinary team, from point of diagnosis, with on-going assessments to ensure that the patient receives the appropriate level of support, relevant to their individual need through all stages of their illness.

Out-patient appointments can be made by the Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist for individuals to be reviewed by herself, the Hospice Palliative Care Consultant if appropriate, Family Support Team, Physiotherapist or Complimentary Therapist.  Many patients find the appointment based out-patient system enables them to maintain contact with health professionals whilst continuing with a normal daily life.  The community based Clinical Nurse Specialists are less likely to be able to offer a specific date and time of review due to their ever changing priority based daily workload.

Hospice patients are welcome to attend out-patient appointment regardless of what stage of illness they are in.  Many out-patients are reviewed regularly whilst others are more infrequent depending on the individual level of support that is needed.  It is also possible that throughout a person’s illness, Hospice support may not be continuously required and there may be periods or discharge and re-referral.  Patients are also encouraged to bring family or carers to the appointments, as they would for hospital appointments where their questions and worries may be alleviated at the same time.

Day Centre

Hospice Day Centre aims to support patients with a terminal or life-limiting diagnosis, along with their carers and family.  Day Centre care is provided by the multi-disciplinary team and volunteers who offer expert support that places equal emphasis on someone’s clinical, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs with the understanding that everyone will be different.

Day Centre aims to promote recreational and therapeutic activities alongside specialist palliative care and peer support, offering patients the opportunity to participate in various activities during the daytime outside their familiar surroundings.  Patients will follow a tailor made program which has been individualized to specific needs for a period of twelve weeks which can be extended or rolling as appropriate for the individual.

The range of services includes assessment by the onsite Clinical Nurse Specialist in pain control, symptom relief and emotional support with diagnosis and current treatment.  Access to the Hospice of the Valleys Consultant, emotional support and welfare rights advice from the Family Support Team, complementary therapies, spiritual care, art, craft, music, physiotherapy, quizzes, games and peer support alongside light refreshments.  All this care is free of charge and supported by the Hospice of the Valleys charity.

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