Strategy 2022 – 25

2022 marked the end of our current 5-year strategy and offers an opportunity to look at the direction the Hospice plans to move in.

Our new strategic plan sets out our approach to delivering services, responding to predicted changes in the external environment and the changes we want to achieve as an organisation for 2022-25.

Our strategy is rooted in analysis of current practice and trends in palliative care. It has a base around the current and future needs of the populations we serve as well as reflecting the influences of external local and national health and social care policies and priorities.

We have engaged with partners, staff and stakeholders in putting our strategy together and this engagement will continue during the life of the strategy and beyond. This will ensure that our services and plans remain flexible and responsive, and act as a guide to a meaningful process in adapting, developing and improving the services we offer in partnership with those we care for as well as those who commission our services.

The headings below are our key strategic goals. These are overarching, but have a number of key deliverables underneath to ensure that the goals can be achieved.

  • Provide holistic palliative care expertise in places where people are cared for: at home, in hospitals and in care homes.
  • Make joined up care a reality.
  • Empower patients and carers to have greater choice and control over the things that are important to them.
  • Provide our staff, other healthcare professionals and carers with high-quality training.
  • Use evidence-based decision making to embed a system of continuous learning and improvement.
  • Deliver a sustainable business model to ensure we are effective in meeting the demands on our services.
  • Engage in research into palliative care.


You can view the strategy HERE



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