Moving On

Not all of our patients and carers will need to receive continual support from the Hospice of the Valleys. You may only need the support provided from Hospice of the Valleys for a short time. We recognise that although the conditions you have are life limiting, you may have periods of time where the condition is well controlled and the quality of your life is not being hindered by your symptoms and you can be managed well by your GP, Consultant and district nursing teams.

It is important that the Hospice assesses each situation individually and it is our hope that the care provided is bespoke to your needs. Some of you may only need our support for a few sessions, but some may need support for more complex issues for a longer period of time.

It is not unusual to be discharged from the Hospice once we have helped to control your symptoms. Some patients only see us for one episode of care, but others can be referred back into the Hospice if further specialist palliative care is needed.

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