As the Business & Community Fundraising Manager at the Hospice I am aware how important it is for loved ones to feel supported following the death of a loved one. In October 2021 I became even more acutely aware of how important this is especially in the workplace when I lost my sister Sharon to Covid very suddenly and tragically. Grief is not linear and on returning to work I was fortunate to be in an understanding and supportive environment, additional support was offered if I needed someone to talk about my feelings be it an informal chat with a colleague over a cuppa or sessions with one of our Bereavement Social Workers here at the Hospice. There was not time limit on this support which I know I can still access at any time. Knowing I work in a supportive environment really helped my transition back to work at what was a very sad and confusing time and a difficult journey was made much less daunting. It is really important for employers to show patience, compassion and be able to listen to respond to individual needs following bereavement.