Most people do not require formal and professional bereavement support.  For the majority of us, the support that we get from our family, friends, pets, neighbours and other social connections ensure that we get to a point that we often, begrudgingly and inevitably, accept that our challenge now is how we learn to live with and alongside that loss.

As a service we receive a lot of referrals and requests for bereavement support.  Some of which are very timely and appropriate, yet others are a well-intentioned attempt at signposting a bereaved person to a service when the time and circumstances may or may not be right for them.  Many of us also struggle to see and support that grieving person and want to do something to ease that visible pain.

Our Bereavement and You Sessions were developed to provide an opportunity for people to consider their own bereavement support needs, if they have any or for someone they know.

It is about having some time to:

  •  Improve your understanding of what bereavement, grief and loss looks and feels like
  • Develop and/or recognise skills to cope and what that means to you
  • Reflect on attitude and values, regarding bereavement, loss and grief
  • Improve confidence and competence regarding providing grief and bereavement support to others

We hope that the sessions encourage people to consider the level of bereavement support that is suitable for their own current needs.

We also want to encourage and support other professionals to provide that support, if appropriate to the people that know them well.  We also discuss the bereavement support options that we provide, if required.

The session will be held monthly, and we encourage people to book a place.  The first session will be on Thursday 3rd November at 10.30am at Hospice Day Centre

We want to continue to create conversations about bereavement, grief and loss to enable us to make it everyone’s business.

For further information please contact Hospice of the Valleys on 01495 717277