From the President of the EAPC, Professor Philip J Larkin:

We who work in this field are as much about life as death, supporting patients and families to live and live well until the end. So, as the people of Berlin, we should embrace life and savour every moment that this Congress and this city will offer us over the next few days.”

“Welcome to your first international conference” Professor Simon Noble said to me as we entered The Estrel Congress Centre, Berlin.  The building was vast and beautiful – the perfect start to an inspiring conference.



This is where the welcome speeches took place on the first day of the conference – Approximately 3000 people sat in one room with one shared passion: palliative care.




Everyone wandered around the hundreds of posters, talking to those presenting research being carried out all over the world.

Trying not to look too strange, I captured a photo of some people reading our poster.









Proud moment!

Simon Noble and I stood by our poster, flying the flag for Hospice of the Valleys and Marie Curie.







“Lost at the airport”

Luckily my poster made it to the conference! Some people left theirs on the plane!

Since I’m currently undertaking a Masters in Research looking at the impact of reflexology, I spent some time learning about the medical approach to treating constipation, which is the topic I’ve chosen.

I wondered why there were so many familiar presentations, and I realised this was because our little Welsh Hospice of the Valleys is keeping up with some of the best palliative care providers worldwide.  The presentations covered dementia, social media, end of life discussions, medicinal cannabis, non-medical interventions and even David Bowie readings.  It then seemed fitting to pay a visit to the Bowie Bar “Neues Ufer” for a beverage before we left Berlin. What an experience…



I am delighted that my presentation has also been accepted to the Hospice UK Conference in Liverpool in November 2019 and I so I will be on my travels again .

Alana Douglas Jones, Complementary Therapist