“The hospice looked after my Mam and my sister as if they were their own family. Their care is simply incredible.”


Mam had dementia – and was going downhill during the pandemic. The hospice started to come out and visit her; the amazing Gemma would go once a week and do Mam’s hair, her nails, make her some lunch. Mam loved it – she was all “Gemma did this” and “Gemma did that“ when my sister Lyn and I went round to see her! When Mam got much worse the hospice helped us to find a nursing home. Even then, the hospice staff would pop round and visit – and talk to her through the window, because of all the restrictions. After Mam passed we went to tend her grave – and found beautiful fresh flowers and a note from the staff there.

Mam died last summer – and then, just as we were getting over that – Lyn was diagnosed with lung cancer. She had chemotherapy, which seemed to work at first – but the cancer came back. The worst thing for Lyn was her breathing, she really struggled. So, Kim at the hospice (probably the most wonderful woman I’ve ever met) organised oxygen to go into Lyn’s house. They got her into the hospice each week and gave her lots of lovely treatments to ease Lyn’s condition – aromatherapy, reflexology and massage.

Lyn had to stop work, so the hospice team helped her to apply for the benefits and support she was entitled to, they filled in every form for her. At the end, Lyn went into YAB – and Emma from the hospice went in and made sure she was comfortable, right up to the end.

The hospice helped Lyn to understand and come to terms with the fact that she was at the end of her life. Thanks to them, I was able to have a conversation with her about her wishes after her death. Lyn lived in Spain for many years, her husband is buried out there. Lyn asked for her ashes to be scattered over there – and so we’ll be going out there this autumn.

I know the hospice holds their Light up a Life service each year. Lyn’s birthday was at the end of November – and I don’t honestly know if I’ll be able to go, it’s still so close. But I do know that I’ll never forget what Hospice of the Valleys has done for me and my family these last three years, how lucky we are to have this charity looking after us. I really hope you’ll support them, so they can look after others as wonderfully as they looked after Mam and Lyn. Thank you.