Could you give up a night’s sleep to help raise vital funds for the Hospice?!

The Big Stay Awake is back for 2024 and once again we are asking our amazing supporters to give up one night’s sleep to help raise vital funds for our Hospice at Home service. 

We continue to shine a light on the incredible work our Health Care Assistant’s do, supporting patients and their carer’s at home, normally sitting with them overnight to make sure the carer can get some much needed rest and a good night sleep, safe in the knowledge that their loved one is being well looked after.

The service is generally provided when patients are nearing the end of life, when carers are in crisis, when patients have uncontrolled symptoms or have been rapidly discharged from hospital, therefore it is a fundamental and much relied upon aspect of the Hospice’s services.

Last year our Hospice at Home team provided 8,711 hours of care to 125 patients and  families and they supported 68% of patients to die at home in a comfortable environment surrounded by those they loved.

Be part of the Hospice’s Big Stay Awake!

Sign up here registration is free and pledge to give up one night’s sleep between the Monday 12th  February and Sunday 18th February 2022, just like our Health Care Assistants do most nights. Any sponsorship you raise will help us continue to provide this service and help prevent carer crisis.

You can do your stay awake however you want. Why not arrange a movie marathon or binge watch your favourite box sets on Netflix. However, you choose to do yours, make it fun and get as many people involved as you can!!

We can give you hints and tips on how to maximise your fundraising and help raise as many hours of Hospice at Home Care as possible!

On average a night shirt is 9 hours long – which costs £126.93 – this works out at £14.10 per hour.

Could you give up one night’s sleep and see how many hours of Hospice at Home support you could raise in sponsorship!

Incentive Prize!!!

We want to reward you for your fundraising efforts and so all those who manage to raise £126.93 or more will be entered into a draw to win a fantastic incentive prize!!

The difference your support will make

The demand for our Hospice at Home Service continues to grow as we support patients and their carers at home and help avoid carer crisis and also unavoidable hospital admissions for the patient.

This is the difference the service makes to our patients and their carers

“The night sitters that cared for mum overnight when she was extremely poorly and vulnerable were invaluable for both of us”

“The whole family felt the kindness and love from your staff and the generosity in providing a bed and overnight care for her during her last days”

“Having the Hospice involved in mam’s care meant she was able to stay at home, where she had lived since 1958”



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