Here Lynda one of the Hospice’s Health Care Assistant’s shares her story around why she does her role, what motivates her and even how she manages to stay awake through the night!


How long have you been a HCA with the Hospice? 

6 years in December 23


What does the role of a Health Care Assistant involve?

The role involves supporting the patient and their family / carer alongside District Nurses, Doctors, and our wider Hospice team, ensuring pain management and personal needs are met.

Being someone, the patient can talk to without them feeling as if they are burdening their families.

It’s also about making sure family members / carers can get a well-earned rest, although they very rarely sleep, they are safe in the knowledge their loved one is being well looked after and is in good hands


What is it that drew you to apply for the role?

Being able to support a patient holistically in their own home.  With their medical, spiritual, physiological, and social wellness.


What do you enjoy most about the role?

Feeling I have supported a patient and their family to carry out their last wishes as they have planned.  And maintaining a good quality of life for them.


Is it hard staying awake all night? And how do you manage it (have you got any little tricks or tips you use to stay awake)

It can be very hard, especially if the patient is asleep themselves. If this is the case sometimes ill do some online training to help keep me awake or my suduko and this can help.  I sometimes use a wet flannel to wipe my face over this perks me up a bit.


What difference do you think your role has on patients and their loved ones?

Family members / carers find themselves in the most difficult situation sometimes.  I feel as one big team we all play our parts in making a huge difference to families. They can sometimes feel alone and overwhelmed so us being there can really help as they have someone else to talk to and help with the caring tasks to take the pressure off them.  They want to do everything for their loved on and are often burnt out and relieved when we tell them it’s OK to ask for help.


Why should people get involved in the Big Stay Awake campaign?

To raise awareness and money for the Hospice and to remind others there is help and support available for them at such a difficult time.