My name is Rachel, and I am the manager of our Hospice at Home Team.

Our Team

Our Hospice at H

ome Team consists of myself and 9 Health Care Support Workers. We each have a range of experiences and skills that we bring to the team to ensure the best care for the individuals and families that we support. We work alongside other services provided by Hospice of the Valleys and the wider Healthcare Teams in the community.

Our Service

Hospice at Home allows care to be given at home. We provide mainly night sits to those who wish to remain at home for their final days. Our Health Care Assistants will sit with both the individual and their family giving both practical assistance and emotional support. This service also allows family members to get some rest knowing that their loved one is being supported.

Hospice at Home also provides support to individuals and families to avoid hospital admission and carer breakdown by offering short term support.

Our Impact

Our services help support an individual who wishes to die at home with their family. Our Healthcare Support workers are with an individual and their families during emotional and distressing times and provide reassurance to those families that there is someone there to help, especially at night.

Feedback we have received.

“Just to say the two Carers were amazing, not only for my dad, but for myself and my husband. We felt that we could face another day with hope. They were the kindest, patient, and loveliest of human being, I thank them both”.

“It was such a relief to have help, the overnight sits meant that, not only my dad had a night’s sleep (he was exhausted), but we all as a family slept better”.

“The support our family received in the last days/weeks of his life were second to none. Nothing was too much trouble. All the nurses and carers listened to our needs. Having them with us on the last few days meant so much and we would not have managed without them. Both Carers and Nurses do fantastic work.”