Rachel our Registered Manager for our Hospice at home service took part in The Big stay awake this year, to shine a light on the amazing team who give up a nights sleep most nights to support patients and their families. Lilly who is 9 and her BFF Amelia who is 9 also took part this year, here’s how their night went.

“We started our night off with pizzas from dominos which always goes down well and as a special treat for the night ahead.

We had a very busy night and had lots of activities planned. The girls did marvellous and even had to nudge me to keep me awake.

We did several craft activities which included:

  • Painting easter ceramics
  • Mini excavation kits
  • Rainbow bookmarks
  • Door plaques
  • Picture Transfers

At midnight we did feel the earthquake and at first thought something had gone into the side of the house!

We also played several games including:

  • Game of life
  • Jumanji
  • Disney headbandz
  • Harry Potter headbandz
  • Play your cards right

Some time was also spent playing with their toy horses and stables, and playing fortnight on their Nintendo switch.

During the night we also received a number of messages on what’s app from our HCA’s who were working that night praising them for what they were doing, and we also shared a number of photos with them. I think they were envious of our snack table.

At 7 am the girls then fell asleep on the blow up bed I set up for them in the living room, sleeping until mid-day”

Thank you Rachel, Lilly and Amelia.