Natalie’s Mam Kerry was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017 and was doing well until the cancer returned in her spine and liver. This is when the Hospice became more involved in her care and also continued to support the family after Kerry sadly passed away in September 2022.

“Mam found it hugely beneficial and reassuring to have the support of the Hospice nurse, she was able to answer all her questions. The difference the Hospice made is that they were able to offer reassurance and breakdown what was happening to Mam. It was a very difficult time, especially the final few days when she came home to die and we were still in shock, but having the Hospice checking in everyday was so important to us all” Natalie recalls.

Following Kerry’s death Natalie attended 1-2-1 bereavement and group sessions at the Hospice, “Going to the group and speaking to others who were going through a similar experience was so beneficial. After Mam died I felt I had to do everything, but I learned it was ok to slow down”.

“It was so important to our family having the support of the Hospice, they were able to break things down and allow us to understand what was happening. I would say to anyone, please support the Hospice with purchasing raffle tickets, you would hope never to need their services but are so grateful for them in a time of need, just like my Mam and our family”.

With every ticket you buy or sell, you will be helping us to continue being there to support patients like Kerry and her daughter Natalie, now and in the future.

Your generosity will enable us to continue being there, making sure anyone with a life-limiting illness across Blaenau Gwent has access to the best possible care and support, wherever and whenever they need it. Allowing them to spend quality time with their loved ones, making precious memories.