Helen’s husband Graham shares his story of how the hospice supported him and his children following the death of his wife Helen, aged 43. Helen died in mid-December, in the small hours of the night. The hospice social worker was there, pre-arranged the next day, which happened to be a Saturday. The social worker supported me in telling my children who were aged five and six and
we put up the Christmas tree up together. Doing something really helped. Although the children didn’t really understand that Mummy wasn’t coming home any more. I needed to talk. Whenever I needed to talk the hospice social worker was there on the phone, or would arrange to pop and see me. The hospice gave me certainty in a very uncertain time. We drank coffee. We laughed. Often I cried. Hard for a bloke of six foot two to cry. But the hospice guys let me. With their help, I gave myself permission to grieve and deal with life. They were at the funeral when the reality hit my eldest and the tears flowed. I had someone by my side to help me. My girls found a new friend who played games with them, did colouring with them, and helped them to understand. Visits became less regular as time progressed. Every time you stumble, you can shout, and they answer.