Pam Hopkins experienced first-hand the support that the hospice and more specifically the CARIAD service could offer. Her husband Harold was initially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in December 2014, however this later changed to Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinsonism. Originally Pam was reluctant to receive support, but she praised the patience of the nurse who persevered so that Harold and the rest of the family could access the support they needed almost two years later.

“The nurse was wonderful and would ring me every month to see how Harold was and to check on how me and my daughter Sarah were coping”.

Over time the clinical team developed a strong relationship with Pam and Sarah and made them aware of the varied support that the hospice and the CARIAD service could provide for them all.

The whole family were able to benefit from not only practical support, but the Hospice at Home service enabled Pam and Sarah to have a break for a few hours or to get a good night’s sleep. Both Harold and Sarah also benefited greatly from reflexology. The therapist was also able to provide emotional support for Pam who would look forward to her visits at home.

“The hospice’s intervention came at a critical time for us and my husband was very well looked after at the end of his life by the hospice team”.