Here Bethany one of the Hospice’s HCA’s shares her story around why she does her role, what motivates her and even how she manages to stay awake through the night.

How long have you been a HCA with the Hospice? 

Only 2 and a half months


What is it that drew you to apply for the role?

To be a part of someone’s life right at the end and still make such a positive impact was really important and motivating for me


What do you enjoy most about the role?

The thing I enjoy most about the role is the reason I applied in the first place, the positive impact we have, making things easier for the patient and their families.


What does the role involve?

The role involves anything from personal care needs but mainly giving emotional support to the patients and their carers , allowing them someone to talk to in the middle of the night when they can’t sleep and are worried or anxious about something. We also provide the respite for carers for them to have a break as well so they have time for themselves and don’t go into carer crisis.


Is it hard staying awake all night? And how do you manage it (have you got any little tricks or tips you use to stay awake)

It can be, no matter how much you sleep during the day there comes a time when your body is fighting to go to sleep.

Best thing that keeps me awake is keeping busy and keeping myself occupied. If the patient is sleeping and I’ve done all my jobs, I’ll try and watch TV or out something on the IPad to keep me occupied!


What difference do you think your role has on patients and their loved ones?

A massive difference, we are there at a time that can be a very dark time for some people so being there for them providing the emotional support they need can really shine a light on their day or night! Its having someone to talk to as sometimes they don’t want to speak to their families as they don’t want to worry or trouble them. So us being there and building that bond with them, they will open up and speak to us.


Why should people get involved in the Big Stay Awake campaign?

People should get involved just to see how hard it can be to stay awake through the night when all your body want to do is sleep! Plus we demand on the service continues to be constant and so any funds that are raised can help us all continue supporting patients in their homes where they are happiest and most comfortable. While giving their loved ones a much needed break.