I don’t know where to start ~ All I know is the Hospice helped my late husband, Phil, who passed away quite recently and myself get through a good few years of utter despair and for that I will always be truly grateful.

We first came into contact with the work of the Hospice when Phil was admitted into the local hospital and it was there that we were able to receive Complementary Therapy with Mat, how amazing!

Phil took a little convincing to try it at first, but it helped him so much to relax and take away a little of his pain and it certainly helped me by making my days calmer.  The support from Mat continued on and off and I am still receiving support from Mat today, helping me to deal with my bereavement.  Covid-19 hasn’t stopped the sessions – Mat calls me at a set time and I put the phone on loud speaker and away we go!

I can’t really put into words what the Hospice has done.  Phil was poorly for a very long time, in and out of hospital, close to dying so many times, but the Hospice was always there for us.  I knew they cared, making Phil feel special and it made him feel safe, he told me this on many occasions.

The visits by the Hospice nurses helped me and Phil as well.  They seemed to know how I was feeling, without me having to say anything.

All through our journey, I had another special person who supported me through some dreadful times and that is Jill Bowen (Social Worker at the Hospice).  Jill has been my angel!  It’s difficult to explain to an outsider just how ill Phil was – but whatever the situation Jill has been there for me.  I could tell Jill anything, she helped me so much and like my contact with Mat it continues throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

When Phil passed away at our home, Jill knew that I was on my own and she came over to support me.  She gave me comfort and support during those hours.  I will never forget that day and what she has done for me

Dr Dylan Harris, the Consultant was so gentle with Phil and made sure in his last days that he wasn’t in any pain, as far as we could tell.

The Hospice at Home Team were so lovely, especially Nanette, who Phil liked so much – such a lovely caring person.

Reverend Roy Watson, the Hospice Chaplain came to see us and it was lovely to see Phil’s face light up when they discussed sport.  Just before Phil deteriorated Roy mentioned in passing that he could bring his case for communion if wanted and to my amazement Phil asked if he could have communion the next time Roy visited.  I can’t begin to say how beautiful and moving it was.  I think Phil realised his time was near, he hadn’t been to church much, but it gave him comfort.

By chance I mentioned to Jill that it would be so lovely if Roy could take the service at the crematorium and he agreed.  This was during the height of lockdown, so all social distancing measures and restrictions were in place, but it was a wonderful service – another big thank you!

There must be many people like me and my husband receiving help and support from the Hospice – but they make you feel as if you are the only people important to them – Thank you angels X