Dennis and Wendy’s story

Wendy’s husband Dennis was diagnosed with Lung and Liver Cancer on the 6th December 2020, and sadly passed away several weeks later at home.

As Wendy was living far away from her own family in Cheshire and due to the difficulties in seeing them because of the pandemic, the Hospice became their main support.

“Straight away the Hospice Nurses came in and were so professional and caring, Wendy recalls, “I looked forward to them coming because of the support they gave me as well as the gentle way they looked after Dennis. They taught me how to give him his injection and were always on hand if I needed them. One evening I phoned them five times, but they reassured me that it wasn’t a problem and calmed me down”

Sadly on the 28th December 2020 whilst briefly stepping into the shower, Wendy returned to the bedroom to find that Dennis had passed away,” my step daughter contacted the Hospice Nurses who came straight away and took control of the situation and washed him, I then sat and spent time with him, before they took him away.”

“It didn’t matter what time I phoned, they were always there, they helped keep my sanity removing as much worry as they could”. Wendy added that people should not be afraid of accessing palliative care for loved ones, “You don’t have to do it alone, they took control and calmed me down allowing me to spend precious moments with Dennis”.