Childhood Bereavement

It is estimated that 92% of young people experience some form of bereavement by the age of 16 in the UK.

The vast majority of children will cope with support from their family, friends and school community, but for those who are unable to be supported in this way, the Hospice bereavement team may be able to help.

Although grief is a normal life experience Western society tends to avoid talk about death and dying which can make some of us reluctant to talk about grief, particularly to children and young people.  At the Hospice, specialist bereavement practitioners are on hand to provide support.  Children cope and respond best when supported by those trusted adults in their life who know them best. We can support family members to find the words to talk to their children and offer reassurance.  We offer consultancy and training to professionals to raise awareness of bereavement and grief in children and young people and how to support someone who is bereaved.

The Hospice can also offer individual support for those with more complex bereavement needs.