My name is Bernard Bennett. I am 82 and I have lung cancer. My wife Sheila is 79 and is living with Dementia.

Myself and my family have a long history of illness and the Hospice has supported us all during these difficult times, whenever we have needed their support, they have always been there. They are all wonderful!

Most recently the Hospice has supported me and Sheila, since her Dementia diagnosis. Despite having lung cancer myself I am Sheila’s main carer.  Jemma one of the Health Care Assistants from the Hospice comes to sit with Sheila once a week for me to go shopping. Sheila panics if I’m not there, but Jemma has such a calming manner that she helps Sheila relax when I’m not there. It also gives me a break when I go to do the shopping as I can chat to other people when I’m out and about.

Sarah one of the Social Workers has also been a massive support, she comes to see me and Sheila and is always there on the end of the phone if we need anything or have any questions.

Jodie one of the nurses at the Hospice has also been a big support to us, she reassures us when we are anxious about things and again is always at the end of the phone if we need her.

Everyone is tremendous and have been such a support not only to Sheila but also to me as her main carer. They understand my illness and how hard it can be for me and they provide the support I need to help me care for Sheila.

In conclusion I find it very difficult to put into words how wonderful the hospice and their staff are and to express my family’s gratitude for just being there for us.



Hospice of the Valleys Thank  You

Sheila and Bernard Bennett